About Chameleon

Chameleon Lighting was born out of a desire to provide the ability to light spaces both from a traditional mindset as well as provide an out of the box opportunity to create a whole new dimension of lighting design. We did not want to waste the opportunity of the LED revolution by just providing the conventional lighting options.

At Chameleon, not only do we offer the standard luminaires, but we have developed a unique line of products that create great lighting design with high performance, high style, functional, decorative lighting. Chameleon Lighting strives to marry both medium and high-performance decorative lighting into a complete, convertible lighting system that is ever changing and evolving.

We offer multiple light engine families with a wide variety of shade options. These shade options can easily be added or changed out in the future without having to purchase an entirely new fixture. With LEDs lasting over 50,000 hours, our focus is to not to waste the customer’s money or time.

Chameleon Lighting makes it an enjoyable experience to find the correct fixture for your project.