WC8 Fixture

Product Description

The Chameleon Lighting Wall/Ceiling fixture, WC8 , is designed to be multifunctional. Offering lumen packages of 1000lm and 2000lm delivered, these fixtures can be mixed and matched on the wall or ceiling. We have multiple cladding kits (interchangeable shades) that help you create a customized, unique look. Many of these cladding kits (interchangeable shades) have family members in the surface and pendant series, so you can mix and match to make a space beautiful and cohesive while providing the perfect amount of light.

Product Specs


350 mA, 600 mA

Color Temp.

2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K




Download cutsheet for light engine.

WC8 Light Engine Cutsheet