Laser Cut

  • Light outputs range from 750 delivered lumens to 5,000 delivered lumens
  • Utilize our WC8 Wall/Ceiling or SV2 Surface light engine
  • Color tunable capabilities with SV2 engine
  • Can be wall, ceiling, or pendant mounted using accessories

Product Description

Our Laser Cut Drum cladding kits (interchangeable shades) include drums ranging in size from 8” diameter to 24” diameter and have a beautiful laser cut design on the outside. They are acrylic drums with silver or bronze finish to them that have a laser cut design on the outside. These cladding kits are used with our WC8 Wall/Ceiling fixtures as well as our SV2 Surface Series, and can be either wall, ceiling, or pendant mounted. These luminaires can be mixed and matched in a single space and complement each other perfectly. Lumen packages range from 750lm to 5000lm delivered. Laser Cut Drum cladding kits look great in restaurants, offices, retail spaces, apartments, hotels, or anywhere that needs some contemporary dressing up.

Product Specs


Laser Cut


7.5”, 18”, 24”


Silver, Bronze

Lighting Element

SV2, WC8


Silver, Bronze


Download cutsheets for a variety of Chameleon light engines.

Laser Cut Cutsheet


Installation Instructions


Accessories Cut Sheet
HMI - Color Tuning Remote