High Bay

  • Available in aluminum or frosted acrylic
  • Attach to the P59 fixture
  • 16” diameter
  • Low glare

Product Description

Traditional High Bay Reflectors create the classic high bay look and can be attached to the bottom of the P59 fixture. These are available with a 16” frosted acrylic or aluminum reflector. Unlike all other LED high bays in the industry the P59 uses an internal reflector which achieves much higher delivered lumens per watt with excellent glare control. They also have the option of an acrylic lens on the bottom. Traditional High Bay Reflector cladding kits are great for retail spaces, grocery stores, sporting goods, or anywhere with high ceilings that want that industrial look.

Product Specs


Traditional High Bay




Acrylic, Aluminum

Bottom Element

Open, Bottom Lens

Light Engine

P59 Passive Pendant


frosted, aluminum


Download cutsheets for a variety of Chameleon light engines.

Traditional High Bay Reflectors Cutsheet


Installation Instructions