Double Dome

  • Inner white acrylic dome with clear outer acrylic dome with beautiful double banding
  • Multiple sizes available to mix and match
  • Can be surface or pendant mounted using accessories
  • Utilizes our SV2 series with color tunable option

Product Description

The Double Dome cladding kits (interchangeable shades) offer a contemporary and sleek look for a space. This is our take on a schoolhouse design for the 21st century. They range in size from 18” to 25” and are available with a brushed silver or a bronze double banding on top. The inner dome is a white acrylic and is surrounded by a clear acrylic outer dome, which creates a beautiful glass look. These cladding kits use our SV2 Surface series that can be either surface mounted or pendant mounted and offer up to 5,000lm and a color tunable option. Double Dome cladding kits are perfect for retail spaces, restaurants, office buildings, hospitality, educational, or anywhere that needs a unique look.

Product Specs


Double Dome


18", 24"


Brushed Silver, Bronze

Lighting Element



Brushed Silver, Bronze


Download cutsheets for a variety of Chameleon light engines.

Double Dome Cutsheet


Installation Instructions


Accessories Cut Sheet
HMI - Color Tuning Remote